Our History

United Martial Concepts was established in May of 2020, but has been in business since 2016, under the name, Shaolin Ng Wing Chun Academy. We were, unfortunately, hit by the tornado that ripped through Nashville in March of 2020 and left without a place to meet for classes. Shortly after the tornado, COVID was discovered and placed the entire country on lock down. Due to these extenuating circumstances, we have not been able to hold classes since then, but all that has changed! We now have a new location (see the About tab), and we are up and running!

As Shaolin Ng Wing Chun Academy, we primarily taught Wing Chun, but now as United Martial Concepts, we teach a new system, created & founded by Master Gaw called, the "Concepts of O.N.E." (see tab for details). Master Gaw created this system, in the Spring of 2020, in the hopes that it would give students the ability to become more confident in themselves, as well as the "four corner" arts held within. By integrating the "four corners" together, the student is presented with multiple options for self or third party protection in lieu of being "married" to one ideology or theory. Master Gaw hesitates to refer to his system as a "self defense" system mainly due to the fact that we focus on being offensive to an attacker. It is our hope that we can spread not only our system, but more importantly, the love of Christ to any and all with whom we come in contact through the medium of martial training. Regardless of people's background, ethnicity, or worldview, we encourage everyone to come check us out so that we can unite as a martial family.