Concepts of O.N.E.

The “Concepts of O.N.E.” are based in the principle that all things require balance. Yin & Yang, Dark & Light, Hot & Cold…all of these things would be utterly misunderstood without their counterparts. Like these things, our lives require balance if we desire to perform at the highest individual level. Whether it’s martial training, work, school, etc, most people want to get better at whatever it is they’re doing, and they understand that, to do so, they must combine their education with their practical application.

This system, created and founded by Master David Gaw, bases its principles in O.N.E. The "ONE," ultimately, refers to each individual and their respective path they've chosen to walk. Whether it's spiritual enlightenment, natural connection, or the simple desire to be a better person, no person can change another; we must desire to change the things about ourselves that we feel need changing and then take steps to make those changes.

The "Concepts of O.N.E." curriculum is called the Wu YuanJian Fangfa, or 5 Element Method and is broken down into 5 units, all of which correspond to a particular element in Chinese martial philosophy. Within each unit, the student will learn a series of techniques and concepts from the "four corners" of the system (see Classes tab) as well as learning details about the corresponding element and its traits. We do not teach 4 individual classes for the corners; each of the four corners is taught in every class. This way, all students get equal exposure to each art.

Unit 1: Earth

Unit 2: Water

Unit 3: Wood

Unit 4: Metal

Unit 5: Fire